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Dan Friedkin's great passion for airplanes

He just became the new owner of AS Roma

During last hours, AS Roma football team had a new owner: the president is Dan Friedkin, 187th richest man in United States and number 504 in the world. In addition to his new passion for football (on the subject see the article published by AVIONEWS), this businessman who is now in all sports and non-sports newspapers, is famous for the boundless love he has for airplanes. His grandfather made this passion grow and it is not a simple hobby: Friedkin loves historic aircraft and boasts a truly enviable collection in this sense. In fact, his hangars host 40 aircraft of all types, including a North American F-86 Saber jet, an American fighter that entered service in 1949 (retired in 1994) and four Supermarine Spitfires, a plane produced in United Kingdom between 30s and 40s of the last century.

This highly respected curriculum is impressive but it's not enough: new owner of AS Roma is one of ten civilians authorized to fly in formation with military aircraft, a privilege granted by the United States Air Force as part of the “Heritage Flight” program. This passion led him, among other things, to devise a specific course to train civilian pilots, without forgetting his role as "right wingman" in the "Horsemen" air patrol which can include an aircraft dating back to the second world war, P-51D Mustang fighter (active both on the Pacific front and in Europe).

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