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China wants to improve intelligent transport

Beijing published guidelines that also concern civil aircraft

Transportation industry is one of China's top priorities in this historical period. Guidelines that Beijing published to digitize this sector and make the most of so-called “intelligent” technologies are a clear testimony of this. Novelties were decided by the Ministry of transport of Asian country and then inserted in a document in which ambitious goals were announced. This Nation looks forward to 2035 with confidence, or rather expects considerable results in this area over the next 15 years.

List of infrastructures and means to be progressively promoted is easy to say: first of all, priority will be given to “intelligent” ports and new civil aircraft, without forgetting the railways and roads. Then there will be room for vehicles equipped with autonomous driving, so as to make the sector at the forefront like few others in the world. The ministerial text also reads about the new energies to be developed and the materials to be used. One of the cornerstones of this transport revolution is undoubtedly the “blockchain” technology, a system based on a distributed ledger that can be read and modified by multiple nodes on a network.

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