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Covid: Transavia worried about increased infections among the crew

Dutch airline informed workers involved

Exasperated alarmism never leads to anything good, but there is a minimum of concern among employees of Transavia Airlines, Dutch carrier that has to deal with an increasing number of infections related to the coronavirus. As reported by the media in Netherlands and in particular by the newspaper "De Telegraaf", there are not a few crewmembers subjected to swabs and positive results for Covid-19. There is also a more precise indication about which pilots, hostesses and stewards are at risk, i.e. those who have worked on air connections to and from the Spanish islands.

Currently there are 45 weekly connections guaranteed by Transavia to Mallorca and Ibiza, locations included by Netherlands among those not recommended from a tourist point of view for health reasons. Exact number of infections is not yet known, although the company has expressed its concern due to the August data which, however, have not been revealed. The local press has even announced the spread of an internal e-mail message among the airline's employees, informed about transmission of the virus by some passengers. In September there will probably be new updates and (at least hopefully) some reassurances.

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