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Russia, SU-57 military aircraft will become "invisible"

Special roofing materials are being worked on

For centuries man has dreamed of invisibility and perhaps Russia could make a substantial contribution to this futuristic research. According to reports from the country's media in these hours, in fact, the SU-57 military aircraft will have a peculiar feature, namely a special protection complete with "invisible" covers. The sources cited for this indiscretion, which is arousing some interest online and beyond, are those of the defense ministry. In practice, aircraft in question will have covers made of polymeric materials able to hide and make all the main elements less traceable, starting from the frame.

Fuselage, wings, cockpit, air intakes and stabilizers will also be affected, so much so as to put optical, electronic and radar systems in difficulty. The same goes for the informations that potential "adversaries" will try to find on fighters. At least these are the promises assured by Moscow: the first supplies of this kind will become reality starting from 2021, meanwhile exports to foreign countries are ready to go live. In the last few hours, Russia has made it known that it is willing to sell the SU-57s to other states, in order to test the fifth generation aircraft before the actual use by the air force (read also the article published from AVIONEWS).

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