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Aircraft, FAA investigation on suspicious B-787 Dreamliner

Some manufacturing anomalies were found

First B-737 Max and now also B-787 Dreamliner. There is no peace for aircraft manufactured by Boeing, after the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) launched an investigation on 8 planes and their production defects (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). American agency wants to see clearly precisely about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a twin-engine turbofan with a widebody that made its first flight in 2009. Some of the parts of this airplane, according to US media reports, would not comply with production standards and the number of aircraft under investigation could also increase.

As reported by the "Wall Street Journal", the companies involved have already decided to withdraw the suspect planes pending the necessary inspections and repairs. The anomalies are soon said: as it has emerged in the last few hours, there would be problems with regard to the level of connection of a part of the fuselage, but other details could be provided in the next few days. According to most of the experts surveyed so far, the materials installed would not have been the correct size, as well as a possible separate problem with regards to assembly.

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