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Defence. China completes military training in Tibet

Test the attack capabilities at very high altitude

As reported by Chinese media, military command of Asian Nation located in Tibet carried out a series of exercises for the training of armed forces in the autonomous region (see also the article published by AVIONEWS). According to reports from the ministry of defense in Beijing, these operations continued for several days, 24 hours a day, and the objective to be achieved was to strengthen the troops. In particular, the dicastery underlined how it was necessary to test the attack capabilities at very high altitudes; among other things, these exercises are part of an annual plan for the training of Chinese soldiers. Furthermore, Asian country wanted to add that military training was not aimed at any specific nation.

Recently, China announced the allocation of 200 billion dollars to accelerate infrastructure investments in Tibet, while in May an intense construction activity was ascertained (through a series of satellite images) at the local airport of Ngari-Gunsa. The airport is located just 200 kilometers from Lake Pangong, an area where the Chinese and Indian soldiers continue to experience a stalemate that has repeatedly presaged a war conflict (see AVIONEWS).

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