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SpaceX, new mission on November 14th

There will be 4 astronauts headed to the ISS

If he didn't exist, it would be useful inventing him: Elon Musk, Tesla's number one, proves more and more every day that he has an impressive number of projects that see him as a great protagonist (read also the article published by AVIONEWS), as evidenced by the one mentioned you are talking in the last few hours. SpaceX, aerospace company formed by Musk, is ready to face a new adventure, namely the launch of the first manned operational flight. The shuttle involved in this mission is called "Crew Dragon" and now the official date is also known; on November 14th there will be the awaited appointment in Cape Canaveral, even if the day initially scheduled was October 31st. Some problems with the rocket's engines have suggested postponing it for two weeks, but what exactly will happen?

The four astronauts on board (see AVIONEWS) will reach the space station and will remain there for a total of six months; they are Victor Glover, Mike Hopkins and Shannon Walker (all from NASA) and the Japanese Soichi Noguchi who works for Jaxa space agency. The mission, renamed “Crew-1”, provides for the shuttle to dock with the Harmony module of the international space station, while the crew will join other astronauts already present. The problems seem to have been overcome brilliantly. In fact, during a launch attempt, the engines had shown a suspicious malfunction that had suggested stopping the launch just two seconds from the end of the countdown.

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