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B-737 Max aircraft, pilot training still does not convince

Unions decided to raise the alarm

Unions of the pilots of American Airlines and Southwest Airlines are protesting vigorously in the last few hours after learning of the changes imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration regarding training with Boeing 737 Max. The accidents of the past few years that have unfortunately seen this aircraft as the protagonist have forced an investigation to understand what to change and avoid other tragedies in the skies. The objections of the trade unions refer to the training of pilots, but what was emphasized in particular?

New modules for emergency management have been defined as a "clumsy attempt to solve a serious problem", but they have not convinced other aspects either that should be simplified as soon as possible (see AVIONEWS). Even family members of some of the victims of the B-737 Max accidents have come forward in this regard, hoping for careful and meticulous training to avert the minimum risk. According to the provisions of FAA, pilots must complete several simulation sessions, specifically the alarms in the cabin in the presence of "unusual" conditions. Even the airlines that will use these planes, however, have been invited to subject their staff to further training to make future connections even safer. The next few weeks do not promise to be calm at all, waiting for the model to take off again after a long time.

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