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A new capital increase is expected for All Nippon Airways

Carrier's balance sheets are not reassuring

Capital increase is the solution that the Japanese air carrier All Nippon Airways believes most useful in addressing the current crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. It is not even the first ever of this last period (read also the article published by AVIONEWS) and this time the local media speak of a probable 332 billion yen transaction, to be precise just under 3 billion euros. Furthermore, this increase is nothing more than the consequence of the loans granted by the Japanese government, the so-called subordinated aid which amounted to 400 billion yen and which the credit institutions of the country of the "Rising Sun" have granted following the worsening of conditions financial airline.

The subscription that is about to be completed will serve to complete the acquisition of certain aircraft, specifically the B-787 Dreamliners, in addition to the settlement of the accumulated debts. In reality, there are worse situations from an economic point of view than that of All Nippon Airways: losses of 510 billion yen are expected for the current fiscal year and a capital adequacy ratio that could deteriorate compared to 32% of the last September. The coronavirus waves have made the “Go to travel” promotional campaign that the Asian campaign tried to set up to try to revitalize demand in vain.

On the subject read also the article published by AVIONEWS.

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