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FAA, airlines reported 1300 unruly passengers

Since last February

1300 undisciplined passengers have been reported since last February by carriers to FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). In addition, the US agency itself has identified potential violations in 260 cases overall. Last March, CEO of FAA, Steve Dickson, had explicitly spoken of "zero tolerance" as regards the inappropriate behavior of travelers. In the present case, the failure to comply with the regulations mainly concerned the absence of the mask on board the aircraft. It is no coincidence that the authority in charge of civil aviation with stars and stripes has extended the obligation to wear it immediately after boarding and in airports in general until 13 September. Precisely this behavior forced an important company like Delta Air Lines to sanction 1200 passengers, even if not all of them were referred to the FAA. The numbers of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) are no less impressive, according to which almost two thousand individuals did not want to wear this device which has now become essential to deal with the health emergency. Civil penalties will therefore be assessed, if necessary, and a fair trial has been ensured for all those who have been fined. Situations of this kind also occurred in the hardest moments of the coronavirus pandemic, when the lockdown upset the habits of each of us a year ago.

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