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Satan-2, the new ambitious Russian ICBM

Tests will begin by the end of 2021

Russia is ready to test a new ICBM with a not exactly reassuring name. We are talking about Satan-2, a rocket which, according to what was declared by Moscow today, Thursday 6 May 2021, will be tested this year. These are three exercises to be precise: the weapon in question has a total weight of over 200 tons, while the official name is RS-28 Sarmat. It is part of the modern nuclear arsenal of this country and in terms of size it is unrivaled. Furthermore, the actual entry into service should take place no later than 2022. As regards the actual training, the chosen location should be the Plesetsk space center, in the north-western area of Russia: the objectives to be striking will be those located in the remote Kamchatka region along the Pacific coast. 

A maximum range of 11,200 miles is likely to be set. The first ever launch was scheduled for the third quarter of 2021, consequently by September. In a movie some time ago, reference was made to a very powerful Russian weapon capable of destroying an area the size of Wales and England combined. In the coming days, the Russian media should provide more details in this regard, especially the scheduling of launches after the first.

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