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Blue Origin, first suborbital trip with tourists on July 20

It is the project funded by Jeff Bezos

Overtaking and counter-overtaking: the ranking of the richest men in the world is recording changes at the top at a continuous pace and the protagonists are always the same, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Neither of them manages to remain idle, as evidenced by what the founder of Amazon is planning. Bezos intends to plan the first trip aboard the suborbital ship "Blue Origin" for next July 20, in order to stimulate space tourism. The name is that of the missile company owned by the number one of the American e-commerce multinational. In about two months it will be possible to go into space not only as professional astronauts, the audience will in fact be enlarged to guests and visitors. Roberto Battiston, university professor of Experimental Physics in Trento, welcomed this novelty, imagining the future developments of space tourism. Blue Origin will be in flight for a few minutes, even if the details have not been specified in this sense: it will be a journey in orbit around the Earth, with 5 or 6 people at most, including the experienced crew that obviously cannot be missed. As for the tickets, the sale was ensured thanks to an ad hoc auction, with the first lucky travelers who managed to secure their place on board a few days ago. The price has not been confirmed, although it should be between 200 thousand and 250 thousand euros, a sign that it is not a touristic opportunity suitable for all budgets.

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