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Cargo. Strategic agreement between Budapest and Shanghai airports

This kind of transport will be further enhanced

What do Hungary and China have in common? Those who think that there is very little to unite the two Nations are very wrong, as confirmed by the agreement signed in the last few hours by a Hungarian airport and one of the former celestial empire (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). We are talking about the international airport "Ferenc Liszt" of Budapest-Ferihegy and that of Shanghai-Pudong. It is an agreement between hubs that are already considered "twins" and which aims to launch a direct cargo service between the capital of the Eastern European Nation and the city of Ningbo, a fundamental industrial center located in the eastern part of the China. The official announcement came in conjunction with the fourth forum which involved both countries and which is focused on logistics and e-commerce. Sino-Hungarian cooperation will have to become even closer, both from the point of view of scheduled flights and actual freight. In addition, we will aim at increasing tourist flows, in addition to economic and commercial ones, taking into account current restrictions. Direct air connections between Shanghai and Budapest made their debut recently, to be precise in 2019: since then new transport capacities have been provided over this very long distance, as part of the upgrading of the so-called "new Silk Road". Direct flights for the cargo division will be provided by Eastern Air Logistics, a subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines.

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