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AVIONEWS interviews Marco Di Marco, Casv director in Pratica di Mare

The police officer told how his department works - VIDEO

AVIONEWS staff interviewed Marco Di Marco, first executive of the State Police and director of the Casv (Flight Training and Standardization Center) department in Pratica di Mare, in the province of Rome. During the interview he explained how the Center works specifically, deepening some little-known details and how every aspect of the training of pilots is taken care of for the prevention of various crimes and offenses. Furthermore, there was no lack of references to the future as regards the needs of the police in terms of pilots. Here are the questions he was asked:

What and what does the Casv do?

How do you become a pilot in the State Police?

In particular, how do you take care of flight safety?

How are any incidents or flight accidents handled?

Since the founding of the CASV, how many pilots have you trained?

Do you also perform special operations training?

Do you also do training for fixed wing pilots?

Do you have collaborations with other police forces?

Is your school also open to those with a civil flight license?

For the future, what is the need for pilots by the State Police?

Below, the video of the interview:

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