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Electric aircraft, United Airlines acquires Heart Aerospace stake

It is expected to debut no later than 2026

Air carrier United Airlines has decided to focus its attention not only on the United States, but also on a European country. We are talking about Sweden, the Nation where a start-up with the “romantic” name, Heart Aerospace, is based. In a nutshell, the American company has acquired a stake in the Scandinavian company, which has long been involved in the construction of ES-19, an electric plane that should be exploited in the future for regional transport. The idea is to launch this plane no later than 2026, consequently the next five years will be decisive. However, it is not just a question of acquiring a percentage share. United intends to secure delivery of 100 ES-19 aircraft, not before all relevant safety requirements are met.

But what exactly is this electric plane? It can accommodate 19 passengers on board (as the name suggests), while in-flight autonomy has been ensured for about 400 kilometers. The program is soon said; after the debut of this airplane, the regional routes to be covered will be more than 100, at least in the case of the Chicago airline, with the latter city being part of the list of destinations along with Purdue (in the US State of Indiana), Modesto (California) and San Francisco. Among other things, the capital of Heart Aerospace benefits from the "presence" of an entrepreneur who needs no introduction: we are talking about Bill Gates, who created an investment fund (Breakthrough Energy Ventures) destined to become one of the shareholders.

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