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AVIONEWS interviews Bauer, Volocopter commercial director

On the occasion of the presentation of eVtol Volocity - VIDEO

AVIONEWS talked with Christian Bauer, the commercial director of Volocopter, the German company that developed Volocity, a vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVtol) presented in these days at the "Leonardo da Vinci" airport of Rome-Fiumicino. The Italian group Atlantia invested 15 million Euros on the project. It is an idea in which Aeroporti di Roma, the largest airport operator in the country, believes in too: it is planning to create a vertiport at the airport of the capital.

We asked him what air transport will be like with the Volocopter and what kind of infrastructure needs to be created to allow air taxis to fly. "In the future it will be enough to take out the mobile phone to see if there are nearby take-off and landing areas. For example, here in Rome from the airport to the city center. Then you can see the different flights available and choose the one that interests the passenger. go to the vertiport, board the Volocity and then fly into the city", he said. To make this possible, it will be necessary to create infrastructures: "These vary according to where they will be implemented, whether in an airport or in the city center. In any case they will be like small terminals, equipped with services for changing batteries. you just need certified take-off and landing areas, similar to those of a heliport. Nothing more".

Below, the video interview:

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