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FAA against Boeing on safety supervisors appointment

The authority says they have no experience in aircraft certification

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently sent a new letter of complaint to Boeing to point out that some engineers appointed by the company as safety supervisors -and interviewed and evaluated by the authority- did not live up to the expectations of the regulators civil aviation. According to the letter, they would not have sufficient technical skills.

The new appointments came under the FAA's lens after the US manufacturer arranged early retirement for several engineers, authorized by the aviation authority, who were involved in the safety sector during the pandemic. Boeing said it is improving the job selection and supervision process.

However, new rules are expected to come into effect by the end of 2021, requiring each appointment to be evaluated by regulators through an interview, after which it can be approved or rejected by the FAA. Its aim is to push already in this direction. So that aircraft safety and certification employees will ensure comprehensive testing and regulatory compliant projects.

The aviation authority keep under surveillance Boeing due to the certification investigation of the B-737 MAX aircraft. It is recalled, in fact, that this kind of airplanes had been approved but it was discovered that it had an imperfect flight control system due to lack of supervision. This is the reason that led to two fatal plane crashes between 2018 and 2019. 

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