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Israel sell armed drone aircraft to Morocco

A Tel Aviv-based company turns over 19 million euros. Many civilian casualties

Israel and Morocco have recently sealed in Rabat, capital of the North African country, an important agreement of military cooperation, on which some indiscretions are beginning to emerge. First of all, that the purchase of armaments produced by Tel Aviv may serve to give a decisive turn to the conflict in Western Sahara. 

According to the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz", the State-controlled company Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has received payments for 19.4 million euros from Morocco in the last six months. This is what emerges from a review of financial statements filed with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The company responded with a no-comment on sales in Africa. The Rabat government remains silent. 

However, the Polisario Front-which in 2020 decreed the breaking of the ceasefire with Morocco in force since 1991- has reported the death of a dozen civilians in drone bombings since mid-November. The finger is pointed at Rabat. The militant and political organization, in fact, has been fighting for decades for the independence of Western Sahara from Morocco.

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