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New Zealand against killer robot

Decision to prevent uncontrolled spread of weapons across the border

The government of New Zealand announced it would accelerate the international ban on autonomous weapons systems such as killer robots in recent days. A choice that places the country among the most influential leaders in the world because of its innovative disarmament policies. This decision is also linked to growing fears about a possible uncontrolled spread of firearms that could arrive from across the border. 

Fully autonomous weapons, while not having been used in large-scale combat, could operate without adequate human control. They are capable of identifying, aiming and killing without any human input. According to the United Nations, these have already been used in 2020 in Libya to explel Haftar militias. 

Among the banned autonomous weapons there are no drones, which are used strictly under human control. Among the world's leading arms producers, the United States and Russia downplayed the risks of such armaments, while China expressed sensitivity to the issue, but to date has not yet banned their production and development.

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