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Helicopters: Russians look at artificial intelligence

Study commissioned by State-owned company

The Russian company Russian Helicopters has commissioned a study on artificial intelligence to evaluate the possibility of developing an AI-controlled aircraft, able to fly autonomously. The goal of the research, which will last through 2022, is to find the optimal software architecture for the control system to be implemented on mobile devices with which to set flight scenarios. 

This was revealed by the "Interfax" news agency, according to which the company would invest about 287 thousand Euros. In the last moths the marketing director of Russian Helicopters, Oleg Landin, said they were thinking about developing a helicopter similar to the Ka-226 with autonomous guidance; that is, a heavy double turbine aircraft for search and rescue. 

According to the agency, which cites documentary sources from the Russian manufacturer, the artificial intelligence system is based on identifying objects and obstacles during flight to avoid collisions. In addition, it should be able to create a flight path for the helicopter, taking into account changing weather conditions and the flight of other aircraft.

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