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India has only 250 civilian Sar helicopters

Country thinks about the last incident; new government measure

India is making an examination of conscience and is thinking about the state of the national helicopter sector. It all started with the recent air accident involving a military aircraft in which the Chief of Defence Staff of the Indian Armed Forces, General Bipin Rawat, died with 13 other people. Many analysts claim that military and civilian aircraft fleets are safe, but not all are convinced. 

In fact, the country is considering the modernization of the Army's helicopter fleet. In fact, in 2015 India signed a Memorandum of Understanding for 200 Kamov twin-engine helicopters, however the pre-agreement fell through because New Delhi wants to favor local production, but remained willing to buy Russian Ka-226Ts.

From the point of view of civil helicopters, the country is also in desperate need of equipment. In particular, Sar (Search and Rescue) aircraft for EMS (Emergency Medical Services) missions. According to the calculations made by some local media, there are only 250 rotary-wing aircraft of this type with civil registration in the whole of India. Many people -especially pregnant women and children- die every year due to the lack of helicopters, until now confined to a few high-end hospitals located only in metropolitan areas. In addition, very often Sar aircraft are used to transport political figures.

Moreover, there are those who speak of a sector throttled by the regulatory equalization between helicopters and aircraft. Also for this reason, in October 2021, the Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia has communicated some novelties: the procedure to obtain helicopter flight permits will be simplified and made quicker, moreover hubs and corridors dedicated to rotary wing vehicles will be established, as well as landing and parking charges will be abolished. 

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