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Aircraft at ground. Thousands of connections cancelled at Christmas

Among the causes shortage of pilots and flight attendants positive to the covid

Thousands of air connections around the world were cancelled during the holidays due to the spread of the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus. This, in fact, has prompted governments to tighten controls at airports, especially for passengers on international flights. Overall, between Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day more than 6000 were cancelled and aircraft at ground. Of these, over a thousand in the United States. To determine this situation were above all the shortages of staff of many airlines and the positivity to the covid of pilots and flight attendants.

This is what emerges from the monitoring of the specialized site "Flightaware" on cancellations of international or domestic flights. Among the carriers that most of all have suffered the sudden increase in the demand for passenger transport during the holidays are the German Lufthansa and the American Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, JetBlue and Alaska Airlines. In addition to the pandemic, the inconveniences in the United States were also caused by a wave of bad weather that raged in the west of the country.

In Asia the situation has not gone better. Suffice it to say that Air China cancelled 267 flights on Christmas Day, about a quarter of those scheduled for the day. In Great Britain even the transport companies suspended their operations on 25 December and then resumed reduced operations on Sunday.

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