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USA: carriers fight aircraft pilot shortage

More bonuses, high salaries, flexible working and hiring from abroad

The slow recovery triggered by the easing of anti-pandemic restrictions on air travel has brought to the surface some difficulties that US airlines are experiencing and that have a strong impact on their operations. Among these, the pilot shortage is one of the hottest topics: airlines are doing everything they can to attract new cabin crew and encourage their employees. 

Many newly hired aircraft pilots have signed contracts that provide for very high salaries, leave and flexible working. This is a marked turnaround after decades of low pay and intense work. This is a corporate policy shared by many airlines, especially regional ones, which are returning to offer bonuses to their employees to support the continuity of their operations. 

For example, Breeze Airways, which began operations seven months ago, has already raised pay for its first officers with increases of between 11% and 24%. In addition, the airline, along with other air carriers, launched a program to recruit pilots from Australia, based on the issuance of temporary visas for skilled workers. 

Regional airline GoJet Airlines, on the other hand, offers bonuses of 20,000 dollars to first officers and 40,000 dollars to commanders to snatch them away from the competition. Other major international airlines such as Delta and United are reducing the minimum training requirements for hiring newbie pilots. 

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