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5G service: air carriers cancel first connections

Thousands of international flights rescheduled with other aircraft

Air carriers began canceling their first flights today, including many operated with B-777s and dual-aisle B-787s used for intercontinental connections. These aircraft, in fact, according to the latest provisions of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), are equipped with radioaltimeters on whose proper functioning negatively affects the new 5G service introduced today in the United States and installed in at least 50 airports. 

Among these, there is the company Emirates, among the largest global operators operating with B-777, which had announced in recent days that it would suspend flights to nine U.S. destinations from January 19, ensuring, however, connections with the airports "JFK" in New York, Los Angeles and Washington. Germany's Lufthansa cancelled the Frankfurt-Miami flight and announced the change of aircraft (B-747/400 certified by Faa) to reach some destinations.

The Japanese All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines have reduced the international flights operated with those types of aircraft reported by Faa and will use other fixed-wing means. Same for the cargo and passenger connections to the United States served by Korean Air Lines, China Airlines of Taiwan and Cathay Pacific Airways, which have deployed different types of aircrafts.

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