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Common European defense goes through individual states

Macron: "We need to take steps to go much faster and much stronger"

In order to get to the point of creating a common European defense, we must first start by strengthening individual national armies. With the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, it seems that this step is increasingly considered necessary and shared by other EU countries. 

"Our European defense must take a new step". The war in Ukraine must "push us to go much faster and much stronger" declared the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron in recent days. For this reason, the head of the Elysée Palace has launched vast industrial projects with Germany, called for the creation of a European military intervention strategy, invited to the common fight against terrorism in the Sahel, defended the idea of a "strategic autonomy" in the Old Continent.

Today the situation is very uneven among member states. Only France, Greece, Baltic States, Romania and Croatia have allocated at least 2% of their GDP to defense, as required by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). The Ukrainian conflict has moved Germany and Denmark who, putting aside their initial qualms, will increase their defense budgets. Austria could also do so. 

For its part, Brussels has established a European defense fund of 8 billion Euros and a peace fund of over 5 billion, but currently its defense depends on the Atlantic Alliance. In addition, a common doctrine is still missing: a strategic plan is expected in March and should indicate common threats and actions to respond to them.

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