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Man on Mars by 2040

Washington asks for 1.93 billion dollars to fund space programs

The White House has requested the US Congress to allocate a budget of 26 billion dollars in 2023 for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa). Of that 1.93 billion dollars would be used to fund space programs, including, landing astronauts on the surface of Mars by 2040. 

"Our goal is to apply what we've learned operating on the Moon and then continue into the solar system. Our plan is to have people walking on Mars by 2040", Nasa Administrator Bill Nelson announced yesterday during a live stream on the state of the US space agency. 

Other initiatives Washington is targeting include the Artemis program's moon landings and numerous scientific investigations on the Red Planet, many of which are currently underway thanks to the Perseverance rover. In addition, Nasa is studying methods to nurture life on the Moon and Mars: from energy supply to the creation of the necessary infrastructure.

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