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China plane crash: all wreckage collected

More than 49,000 pieces will be assembled in a hangar to rebuild the aircraft

Fifteen days after the China Eastern Airlines B-737/800 (flight MU5735) crashed in the mountains of Guanxi, the recovery of wreckage in China has been concluded. According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (Caac) 370 thousand square meters of land have been checked and 49.117 debris have been catalogued, some of which are embedded in the ground at several meters depth.

All the pieces will be collected in a hangar and assembled to reconstruct the aircraft. This will allow technicians and experts to better understand what happened and to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the accident. At the moment there are only indiscretions about the loss of wing pieces due to the high speed reached by the aircraft during the dive descent. 

Wreckage recovery activities were conducted by thousands of people who took turns in searching, assisted by helicopters and drones. At the moment there are two hypotheses on the origin of the aircraft accident: a technical problem or a voluntary act of the pilot. To answer the question we are waiting for the analysis of the two black boxes. 

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