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A new helicopter maintenance center in London

A hangar for 12 rotary wing vehicles opens at London-Oxford Airport

A new helicopter maintenance, management, refurbishment and overhaul facility operated by Volare Aviation, a UK-based company specializing in aircraft services, is opening at London-Oxford Airport in the UK. It is a 1,486-square-foot space, located in Hangar 14 at the airport, that can accommodate up to 12 helicopters simultaneously. 

"The opening of this new helicopter facility allows us to provide comprehensive market services to owners of rotary wing vehicles. We are fully accredited with international approvals including the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (Aesa), the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority (Caa) and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (Faa)", said Dustin Dryden, president of the company, which provides support for specific models manufactured by Leonardo, Airbus and Sikorsky. 

This is one of the latest openings of maintenance facilities by Volare Aviation. A decision that follows a broader strategic expansion plan that has led to the opening of seven new heliports around London in recent years that are International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Aesa and Caa compliant. 

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