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United States: record fines for unruly passengers

The FAA has requested 80,000 dollars fines for 2 travelers

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has declared in these days to be evaluating some complaints against unruly passengers that could lead to impose record fines. In particular there are two cases that the regulators of the skies have put under consideration of the judicial authority: they concern travelers that in the summer of 2021 have caused the interruption of their air connections. 

Faa said he had proposed a civil penalty of 81,950 dollars against a passenger traveling aboard an American Airlines plane: after hitting a flight attendant in the head, he had attempted to open the aircraft's security door, spitting and trying to kick crew members and passengers. The man was arrested when the aircraft landed in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

For the second incident, Faa sought a 77,272 dollars fine against a woman who tried to open the door of the aircraft while it was in flight, repeatedly biting a passenger before being restrained by the crew. The incident had occurred on a flight of the American company Delta Air Lines taken off from Las Vegas and directed to Atlanta. 

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