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Turkey closes airspace to Russia

Decision after continued air raids in Syria against pro-Ankara militias

The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has given the green light to the closure of the national airspace towards the Russian planes directed to Syria to give support to the armed forces of Moscow, engaged alongside the army of Damascus in the war against the rebels. Ankara's decision came after a series of heavy bombings recorded in recent days near the city of Idlib.

"We used to give permits at three-month intervals and the last one we granted was until April. From now on, air links will be blocked" said the Turkish Foreign minister, Mevlut Cavuosglu, to the national newspaper "Sabah"; words relaunched by the Russian news agency "Tass". 

It is a decision that comes after an escalation of war in the Idlib region that saw the Russian air force harshly attack some positions of pro-Turkish militiamen, thus violating the truce between Moscow and Ankara in force since 2018. The bombings were also confirmed by the National Observatory for Human Rights in Syria.

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