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Ukrainian war: Moscow deploys military dolphins

Animals defending Russian ships detected by US satellite system

The Russian Army has deployed military dolphins in the Black Sea to protect the Navy fleet. This is not the first time this has happened. History is full of similar events and already in 2012 they were used in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. These are animals specially trained for defense purposes with specific tasks: to detect mines or approaching enemy divers and armies, but also to videotape the situation under the sea and place explosives. 

To give news of it is the US Naval Institute (USNI) that would have found the presence of the two mammals on the base of some satellite images. The interaction between man and dolphin has been developed in years of studies and research that have found concreteness in military use through a system of conversion of the signals of soldier-animal communication. The presence of dolphins could signal an increased level of alert from Moscow after the disastrous sinking of the cruiser "Moskva", flagship of the Black Sea Fleet and symbol of the Russian Navy.

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