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Aircraft and transport: risk of disruption in Europe

It's expected to be a Summer full of bookings and for that reason also chaotic

Staff shortages and high fuel costs are making it difficult to manage the increase in bookings for the Summer season. And so a number of air carriers, after boosting route offerings ahead of the season, will be unable to meet travel demand. And some are running for cover. Like the British airlines easyJet and British Airways, which are offering bonuses of 1,000 pounds to those who agree to work with them, leaving the old company.

Staff shortages, in fact, are proving to be a problem worldwide. Finding summer seasonal workers in the airline industry has become an insurmountable difficulty. During the pandemic, in fact, in order to limit costs, companies launched a massive campaign of early retirements, which were not replaced by the entry of new recruits. Currently, the number of new pilots and attendants is less than the need.

For this reason, several companies have decreased the supply of air connections. However, industry managers are working to find alternative solutions that do not impact the service provided to consumers: and so there are those who open their own flight schools such as the US-based United Airlines, while easyJet eliminates the last row of seats to decrease the number of flight attendants to board. Imagination to redesign a better present.

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