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Aircraft and transport: travel data and who collects it

Between biometrics and information sharing, doubts about transparency and long conservation

According to a British study that analyzed the personal and sensitive data that transportation operators request from travellers from abroad, the United States is the country that accumulates the most passenger information, more than China. In addition, almost all Nations make use, some more and some less, of facial recognition technologies at airports. In the worst classification, Italy ranks sixth. 

This is what emerges from the analysis of the company Comparitech, which specializes in studies and analysis on cybersecurity. Most countries already have or are in the process of implementing biometrics within their airport arrival management and document verification procedures. In addition, passengers are screened through Interpol's shared database. Problems related to the pervasive sharing of information among many countries emerge clearly, while at the opposite end is the lack of transparency of other states in management. 

The Italian situation regarding the management of personal and sensitive data, as a member of the European Union, is homogeneous with that of the Old Continent. The US comes out the worst in that passengers are required to have a travel visa, they also store fingerprints, not to mention that data, such as biometric data, are kept for several decades.

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