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European astronauts will go to the Moon

Goal fruit understanding between European and US space agencies

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) have made agreement aimed at taking the first European astronauts to the Moon. Prior to this important step on the ground of Earth's satellite, cosmonauts from the Old Continent will participate in missions aboard the future Gateway space station that will be placed in lunar orbit. 

"We look forward to having an Esa astronaut join us on the surface of the Moon and continue to rely on our long-standing and important partnership". The Gateway space station collaboration is part of the Esa-Nasa agreement under the Artemis program, which "in 2025 will bring the first woman and return the first man to the Moon", Nasa Chief Administrator Bill Nelson said on the sidelines of a meeting in the Netherlands with Esa officials. 

The European space agency is promoting two projects related to lunar missions. The first is the development of the Argonauta EL3 lander (European Large Logistic Lander) intended to deliver materials, supplies and infrastructure to the surface of our satellite. The second involves the Moonlight program that will provide communication and navigation services for exploration of the Moon. For its part, Nasa will bring into orbit the first lunar telecommunications satellite, built by the British company Sstl. The Moon is closer.

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