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Heathrow airport limits passengers

Stop ticket sales if 100,000 transits per day is exceeded

The management company of London-Heathrow Airport has introduced a limit of 100,000 transits per day until September 11. This would be the maximum passenger volume that the British airport can efficiently handle today. Exceeding it would lead to the collapse of customer services: delays, long waits, flights cancellation. Things we have seen before. That is why management has asked air carriers not to sell more tickets than this quota. 

"We have started to experience periods when service expires at an unacceptable level. Our colleagues are bending over backwards to ensure as many passengers depart as possible, but we cannot push them to the point of risking their safety and health", Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye wrote in an open letter to travelers.

It was a "difficult decision" considering that in 2018 alone, the average daily number of passengers transiting through the London airport was close to 220,000. Today, however, mainly due to a shortage of staff-layoffs or early retirements during the pandemic-the airport is struggling to meet the high summer demand for air travel.

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