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Ukraine war: Kiev will target drones

Ambitious plan for country's digital future also sees army of hackers

Ukraine's minister for digital transformation, Mychajlo Fedorov, an executive member very close to President Volodymyr Zelensky, whose election campaign he oversaw, who convinced U.S. entrepreneur Elon Musk to activate the Starlink satellite internet system in the country, has an ambitious plan for Ukraine's future after the end of the war with Russia. 

Among the most innovative projects is Army of drones. "We tested all our drones and did a reconnaissance of the army's needs on all lines of defense. To figure out how many kamikaze, reconnaissance or attack drones we need. Now we are raising funds to buy the drones our army needs. We have already raised enough to sign contracts, make purchases, organize repairs and a pilot training school", Fedorov explained in an interview with Italian newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera". 

"Russia attacks us and we counterattack with our hacks. The targets are public ones associated with the media, propaganda, the portals of the Kremlin and the Russian parliament, companies like Gazprom, banks like Sberbank. And then there are non-public targets for multi-vector attacks. There is also a cyber war going on and it is important that our systems work to support the state machine", concludes Fedorov, who announces the formation of a cyber army consisting of thousands of people.

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