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China-Taiwan tensions: Beijing's maxi drill

More than 100 fighter jets and helicopters and 10 naval vessels engaged in the island's waters

China said more than 100 military aircraft and helicopters and 10 warships took part in military exercises held in six specific areas off Taiwan's coast around the island. Among the armed forces assets would be fighter jets, helicopters, bomber aircraft, maritime destroyers and frigates. The Beijing's Navy and Air Force maneuvers has been going on for two days and will continue until Sunday. 

Beijing announced the number of assets deployed, in what it called "joint blockade operations", through China's "Xinhua" news agency. Specifically, the six areas in which the Dragon's armed forces are engaged are those that China claims as its territory, as well as the entire island of Taiwan, which Beijing considers a rebel province to be brought back under its rule even by force.

Chinese military exercises, during which new versions of missiles would also be launched, are taking place on an unprecedented scale. They constitute the Dragon's response to this week's visit to Taiwan by US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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