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Elettronica brings its EMSO Capabilities to "Indo Defence"

The company showcases the panoply of its electromagnetic support operations solutions

Elettronica is at Jakarta’s "Indo Defence" exhibition between 2nd and 5th November. The company, now in its seventh decade, has enjoyed long and fruitful collaborations with governments and armed forces throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Reflecting the region’s strategic considerations, it is showcasing its solutions and capabilities in the Electromagnetic Support Operations (EMSO) domain.

The company understands that its regional partners demand robust EMSO solutions across all sectors. With this in mind, it is exhibiting a range of capabilities applicable to the sea, land and air domains. 

Its naval Electronic Warfare (EW) products offer world class performance. They are ready for today’s and tomorrow’s threats and are scalable to equip all sizes of surface vessels and submarines. Elettronica’s naval EW portfolio includes Electronic Support Measure (ESM) and Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) functions combined in its integrated electronic warfare system ZEUS.

The ESM function is exploited by ZEUS in its light version and the ECM by its Nettuno 2.0. ELT/950 and Loki help manage EW systems and support EMSO command and control. Maintenance of EW systems and third-party products is simplified thanks to Elettronica’s SEMS smart maintenance system. 

Sophisticated air defences remain a concern of Asia-Pacific nations. Elettronica’s ELT/162 and EDGE provide robust protection against today’s and tomorrow’s threats. The ELT/162 radar warning digital receiver derives from its RWR ELT/160, trusted by numerous air forces around the world. EDGE pod gives users two systems in one. It provides escort jamming for packages of aircraft, alternatively it can be employed as a signals intelligence gathering system. 

In the land domain, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are growing threats. ADRIAN (Anti-Drone Interception Acquisition Neutralisation) is Elettronica’s flagship Counter-UAV system. Fusing radar, optronic, acoustic and radio link detection, ADRIAN keeps a watchful eye for UAV threats. Once the offending drone is detected it can be engaged with a variety of soft-kill countermeasures. Like Elettronica’s other products, ADRIAN is deployed operationally and combat proven. 

Elettronica has honed impressive expertise in the cyber domain. Its CY4GATE subsidiary is a centre of excellence for cyber security and protection. Created in 2014, the company is trusted to provide its expertise, products and services to public and private sector organisations. Likewise, Elettronica provides EMSO training and operational support to customers around the world. 

"Indo Defence" is not just about Elettronica’s capabilities. The industry is keen to deepen its industrial partnerships with companies and organisations throughout the region. The company is looking forward to working closely with local partners to help make their EMSO aspirations a reality. To this end, it explores technology and capability transfer. 

To find out more, visit its stand D110 (Italy Pavillion).

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