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Pelosi could be an ambassador to Italy

The spokesperson for the US House in an interview with the tv broadcaster

The spokesperson of the United States House of Representatives, 82-year -old Italian-American Nancy Pelosi, recently gave an interview to the American television station "CNN", during which she spoke about her future on which she is always been very buttoned up. Among other things, he could come to live in Italy. She also spoke to the microphones about the pension plan and the attack of her husband Paul in the house in San Francisco. 

"While America goes to the polls for the Midterm elections, the Italian-American speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, thinks about" her "post-vote: withdrawal from active politics, perhaps as a United States envoy to Italy, where the Has President Joe Biden not appointed an ambassador yet?", writes the Italian newspaper "La Sicilia".

"35 years after being elected to represent one of the most liberal colleges in America in Congress, it could be time to say goodbye. But not to be a full-time grandmother: Nancy would have asked Biden to keep them warm the post of ambassador to Rome if the Republicans win the elections, 'Fox' sources reported, however denied by the spokesman of the person concerned". 

So "nothing official yet, but among the dem the succession war has already begun. Younger colleagues have been trampling for weeks, including Adam Schiff, who led the impeachment process of ex-president Donald Trump in the House, but above all l 'African-American Hakeem Jeffries: the latter, according to 'Politico', would have the appointment in his pocket". 

"However, it seems unlikely that 'grandmother Nancy' intends to remain as group leader (and perhaps even as a simple deputy from San Francisco) if the Democrats, as polls predict, lose control of the House in the Midterm vote. it would be the first time in twenty years that the leadership of the House has come back into play: Pelosi had inherited it from Dick Gephardt in 2002. Five years later Nancy became the first female Speaker of the House: according to experts, the most powerful speaker in over a hundred years".

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