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The France-Germany match sets the skies ablaze

Financial forecasts for 2022 indicate that Lufthansa catches up with Air France

The Germany-France match is one of the most heartfelt challenges in Europe, not just in football. Just think of the causes and peace treaties of the two world wars, in the aerospace or automotive industry, or think of the antagonistic positions in terms of common European defence. And while Lufthansa sets its sights on the tricolor airline ITA Airways, the Air France company looks at its financial accounts and sees the risk of defeat.

According to estimates, the Lufthansa Group will achieve 1.5 billion euros in operating profits in 2022. The French-Dutch group Air France-KLM, on the other hand, only returned to profit this year, after having accumulated losses of billions of euros starting from 2020 due to the pandemic: estimates for the French speak of an operating result of over 900 million Euros. This will reignite the competition between the two protagonists of the European skies.

Since the beginning of the year, the Air France-KLM group has impressed with its ride in financial performance, outperforming even its great rival Lufthansa. However, the estimates of the German group indicate that it is recovering the disadvantage: thanks to the good performance of Lufthansa Cargo and Lufthansa Technik (maintenance).

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