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Russia-Ukraine: Putin asks Belarus for help

The two countries could join forces to thus open a new northern front

Russian President Vladimir Putin is in Belarus today to meet with President Alexander Lukashenko. Among the topics on the agenda is a possible extension of cooperation between the two countries in the military sphere, linked to the war in Ukraine. In short, Moscow would ask Minsk to join forces to carry out an armed offensive by land, thus opening a new front in the north. For the Russian president it is the first time in Minsk since 2019. 

"During these talks, operational plans will be drawn up for further aggression against Ukraine with a broad involvement of the Belarusian armed forces", explained the commander of the Ukrainian armed forces Serhiy Nayev, who reiterated that military activity has been going on for months joint Russian and Belarusian. Also present in Minsk was Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, meeting his new counterpart Sergey Aleinik, appointed last week following the sudden death of his predecessor Vladimir Makei.

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