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Ukrainian conflict: Zelensky's message

"Russia will fail and Kiev will win the war, defending European values"

In his daily video message, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed his confidence in the fact that Kiev will win the war against Russia by defending European values. Furthermore, he thanked the Ukrainian armed forces which are resisting the numerous Russian air attacks, underlining that in most regions of the country the Ukrainian population is without electricity due to the raids ordered by Moscow.

"The situation is particularly difficult in the Kiev region and in the capital itself, in the Lviv region, in Odessa, Kherson and surroundings, in Vinnytsia and in Transcarpathia". Yesterday "54 missiles and 11 attack drones were shot down" so I "thanks all our air commands". At the same time, important infrastructure was affected: "Workers working in the energy sector, repair crews do everything during the day to ensure that Ukrainians feel the consequences of these terrorist attacks as little as possible", he said.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the newspaper "Ukrainska Pravda" Zelensky stated: "Russia has fewer and fewer missiles and with its missile attacks it is heading towards a dead end". Moscow's status is "that of the biggest terrorist in the world. It will have consequences for its country and its citizens for a long time. Each missile only establishes that all this must end up in court".

"We are fighting for Ukraine -Zelensky wrote on social media- for the values that unite Europe and the democratic world, for the global value of life. For all that the terrorist state is trying to destroy. It is not easy, it is difficult, but I am confident that we will succeed and Russian aggression will fail so that all other potential aggressors in the world do not dare to repeat what Russianism does".

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