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Russia-Ukraine: Italy approves aid decree

Crosetto: "We are talking about weapons, but we are also sending civilian aid, generators, blankets"

Italy has approved the sixth aid decree (humanitarian and military) in support of Ukraine, which Russia invaded militarily almost a year ago. This was announced in these hours by the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, in his hearing at the joint Defense commissions of the Chamber of Deputies, and Foreign Affairs and Defense of the Senate, in which he illustrated the programmatic guidelines of his department.

"Very specific requests have arrived in recent days. We always talk about weapons but they also want equipment for defense against nuclear and bacteriological attacks, which make less news than tanks, but which we will give like Italy, together with civilian aid, generators, blankets", said the minister.

"At every meeting -added Crosetto- Ukraine asks for arms. Why? Because every day bombs fall, Russian troops try to occupy cities. There is a nation that experiences this reality every day, while we live it in impromptu way" and "today I don't think there are the conditions for a ceasefire".

"I spoke of longer times wishing I was wrong. I look at what happens. I see that Russia has recruited 300,000 people and is throwing them to the front. Ukraine cannot allow the occupied areas to remain Russian, nor can Russia afford to lose them I hope for a ceasefire, which does not mean the end of the war. Only after that can discussions begin", concluded the Italian Defence Minister.

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