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Air strike Germany: seven airports blocked

At least 295,000 passengers stranded; around 2340 flights cancelled or delayed

At least 295,000 passengers stranded, about 2340 flights cancelled or delayed: it happens today in Germany. It is the 24-hour strike proclaimed by the Greens union, which affects seven German airports: Bremen, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Hanover, including the international hubs of Frankfurt and Munich. A black day for air travel; the mobilization aims to obtain higher wages for airport workers.

"We have never had such an escalation through strike actions. If we look at the airport terminals this morning, they remind us more of the worst days of the pandemic and less of a strike", said Ralph Beisel, a member of the German airport association Adv.

The German union of the Greens announced the strike last Wednesday, with the intention of urging negotiations on collective bargaining for ground service personnel (public sector, security workers), for which they are asking for a wage increase of 10.5%, equal to at least 500 Euros per month. A protest like others that took place in France, Great Britain and Spain to ask for an alignment between inflation and income.

"If nothing happens now we will all be dealing with another chaotic summer" for air travel in Europe. "It's about sending a really strong signal", explained the vice president of the Greens union, Christine Behle, in an interview with "Inforadio". Meanwhile, Verdi's boss, Frank Werneke, announced that the strike could extend to hospitals and the waste collection service.

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