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ITA Airways: hearing by Minister Salvini

Question time on Government intentions on the Italian airline business plan

The Italian Minister of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT), Matteo Salvini, answered today a series of Parliamentary acts posed to him during question time in the Chamber of Deputies. Among the issues addressed was also that of the privatization procedure of the national air carrier ITA Airways, with the relative divestment of the participation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) in the capital of the airline.

Deputies Valentina Ghio and Anthony Emanuele Barbagallo (Pd) questioned the minister about the Government's intentions in relation to the industrial plan for the relaunch of ITA Airways: in particular what the Executive intends to do for the development of strategic airports, on the international and domestic routes. "It is necessary to increase the flights to give higher quality to the service, especially in the South. We are not satisfied with what has been done so far, therefore we will be vigilant on the work of the Government", stressed Barbagallo.

Minister Salvini underlined that first of all "it is necessary to put an end to a bottomless pit that steal money from the Italian taxpayers to support the finances of the company". Furthermore, he reiterated that the ministry aims to enhance national airport hubs, to multiply long- and short-haul routes, to support future recruitments. Among the objectives: that of "restoring a strategic role" to the Italian airline, enhancing the territorial continuity of Sicily and Sardinia, improving the mobility of people and goods.

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