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China plane crash: first anniversary

Most serious ski disaster in the last 28 years in the Asian country

The Civil Aviation Administration Of China (CAAC) announced today that the investigations by the experts aimed at reconstructing the exact dynamics and causes of the plane crash that occurred on March 21, 2022 in the southern province of Guangxi have not yet been concluded. A China Eastern Airlines B-737/800 (flight MU5735) went down in the mountains, killing all 132 people on board.

"Given the complexity of the dynamics of the accident, which is extremely rare, the investigation is continuing in depth. Following this, the technical investigation team will continue to analyze the causes, carry out experiments and checks. We will release more information in a timely manner when we they will be developments in the progress of the investigation", explained by CAAC.

This is the worst air disaster in China in 28 years. One year after the anniversary of the tragedy, the Civil Aviation Administration of China announced that experts had inspected over 100 pieces of the wreckage of the aircraft. To date, investigations have established that the crew was properly qualified, the aircraft properly maintained, the weather conditions good. The actions of the crew in the cockpit are examined.

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