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South Korea: Asiana-Korean Air integration accelerates

Task-force created to obtain approval for the sale from international authorities

The two South Korean air carriers Asiana Airlines and Korean Air started the process of progressive integration of their operations some time ago. A Move linked to the acquisition process by Korean. To speed up this process, Asiana has created a "task-force" made up of 42 employees and managers. The goal is to obtain the approval of the sale by the international authorities as soon as possible.

"We are preparing the related documents separately. It is not yet decided whether Korean Air will compile our data and submit it to foreign regulators". At the moment "we are doing everything to meet the requirements of the European Union, the United States and Japan", said Asiana Airlines group head, Vice President Won Yoo-suk, who works on the integration between the two carriers.

The working group deals with two aspects: the juridical-legal one and the supervision of the strategic planning of the agreement. This one, which arrived in November 2020, provides for the purchase of 63.9% of Asiana by Korean, for a value of 1.2 billion dollars. Out of a total of 14 countries where the two airlines operate, they have received approvals from 11 States, including Great Britain which gave the go-ahead at the beginning of March.

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