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Dhaka Airport expands

Its renewal focuses on technology, safety and teamwork

In Bangladesh, Dhaka's "Hazrat Shahjalal" international airport is being expanded, which will serve the capital with 14 new terminals with large multi-storey car parks, warehouses for goods and police and fire brigade barracks. It is a large engineering project based on two cornerstones: the use of the most modern technologies and the guarantee relating to maximum airport security. 

"At the heart of the smooth progress of construction work, despite the difficulties, is teamwork. It is important to have respect for each other, above all else, because airport construction sites involve many different types of work, therefore you always have to be grateful to your colleagues", explained Seung-jong Oh, a former airport construction worker for Samsung Construction and Engineering Group. 

In fact, the project envisages major expansion work at the Dhaka international airport, which also includes the laying of flooring in the aprons and taxiways, as well as the construction of an overpass to access the airport. The construction site was opened in April 2020 and will be completed in the coming years. Among the most important airports that Samsung's engineering division has worked on are Mongolia International, Hong Kong's "Chek Lap Kok", Singapore-Changi.

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