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Japan-South Korea axis is the future

Military alliance comes at a particularly tense moment with Beijing ever closer to Moscow

What emerges from the agreement signed between Japan and South Korea is a strong signal. A few days ago the Japanese defense minister Yasukazu Hamada and his South Korean counterpart Lee Jong-sup formed a military alliance, which past tensions, until now a divisive element in the mending of relations between the two Asian countries. The handshake comes at a particularly tense moment: with Beijing ever closer to Moscow.

"Finally succeeding in establishing a long-term joint military cooperation system with South Korea is far more important than seeking the truths behind past incidents, including that of radar targeting of Japanese ships in 2018," said the chief. of Japanese General Staff, Admiral Ryo Sakai.

"It is important -he added- that Japan, the United States and South Korea maintain a full dialogue and cooperation in order to guarantee the stability of the Indo-Pacific region, also through the ability to implement preventive and deterrent interventions", such as those against the continuous Chinese military, or joint with Russia, in the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea.

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