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Airbus prepares future military helicopters

Developments favored by Russian-Ukrainian war, aircraft still essential in modern conflicts

The Airbus Helicopters company is working on a number of future features that will ensure a decisive operational impact on the battlefield. In particular, the company is planning the next generation of aircraft with long-term spin-offs. This is the EU Next Generation Rotorcraft Technologies Project (Engrt) program with the support of France, Germany and Spain. 

"We are currently launching a great wave of innovation in the military sector. In the 1990s and 2000s we created the Tiger and the NH-90. Then in the 2010s we focused more on civilian developments. 30 we returned to a major military innovation cycle with the launch of two major programmes, the Tiger Mk III and the H-160M, with the H-145M continuing development, now joined by the launch of the H-175M and the VSR700", explained Airbus Helicopters Program Manager Matthieu Louvot in an interview with "Rotor" magazine. 

These are developments also favored by the Russo-Ukrainian war. In fact, combat and military transport helicopters are still essential in modern conflicts. At the beginning "the war raised numerous questions because we witnessed the destruction of numerous helicopters" and "this was linked to a specific way of using aircraft" which made them very vulnerable.

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